Jill Heng

Get to know Jill, your realtor for real life

Working in real estate engages my interests in meeting a wide array of people and service to others while harnessing my skills in problem solving, compassion, tenacity, and naturally inclusivity. I love to hear peoples’ stories, really listening, and coming alongside them to reach their goals. As your agent, I don’t push or try to convince you, but instead get to know you and act as your advocate.


As an energetic child growing up on a farm in southeast Nebraska, I enjoyed freedom and open spaces. Five years after graduating from high school, I had earned a B.S. from Truman State University and a Master’s in Epidemiology from UCLA. Once school was completed, I came back to Nebraska to marry Charlie. More than twenty years later, I can still say he is the best life partner I could ask for.


I truly enjoy real estate, but I’ve done other things too. My main pursuits before real estate included teaching Biostatistics and Human Anatomy and Physiology at Doane University, writing and managing grants for domestic violence and sexual assault prevention agencies in Lincoln, and creating a small business that grew a reputation large enough to sell. Personally, I enjoy camping, hiking, running, and raising five daughters.


It is a pleasure to have a career that merges my natural giftings with skills honed throughout my life while offering a valuable service to others. My main intention as your Realtor is to collaborate with you: listen to you and understand your needs, while providing the experience and knowledge necessary to wisely navigate the process. You have a full life. I’m here to serve you and protect your interests. You can trust me to work on your behalf, respond to your needs, and guide you to your goals.



What clients say about Jill Heng

Jill is part realtor and part therapist. She helped me stay calm in this fast moving market. She looked out for my best interests, not just trying to complete a transaction.

Caity B

Jill is a true professional! She was focused on my needs and wasn't satisfied until I was. She guided me through all the decision making with honesty, patience, and transparency. I appreciate the time she invested to make sure I understood the process. In a world of constant change, you can trust Jill to represent your best interests.

Tracy Z

In a strong seller’s market it's tempting to try and sell your house yourself, but there is a lot of value in having a skilled professional to guide you through the turbulent waters of selling your home. I seriously considered selling ours myself but I'm glad we chose Jill instead. Jill demonstrated a solid knowledge of the changing market and helped us position ourselves to get the maximum price for our home. It needed a bit of work and she was able to bring an impartial, outside perspective that helped us see cost effective improvements to make without overspending on work that wouldn't bring enough value. When you are selling your home, you are letting go of the house where precious memories have been made. Emotions can cloud your perspective and make it difficult to negotiate effectively with a buyer. Jill was able to remain calm and help us navigate the twists and turns without losing perspective. She helped us do what was necessary to stay on course and get the maximum return on our investment. When it came time to make a few more repairs on short notice, Jill was able to connect us with competent professionals who were able to complete the work quickly at a fair price. If I had it all to do over again, I would definitely want Jill Heng on our side. She made the entire process much easier to bear and much more profitable for us.

Corey S